Grand Cru


Laroze de Drouhin vinificates separately the Grand Cru Charmes Chambertin and Mazoyères Chambertin, this last one is located under Latricières Chambertin.

Cépage : Pinot Noir
Laroze's area: 11 ares
Manual harvest in little boxes
Annual production: around 600 bottles

Laroze's wines

This plot is located just under the "Combe Grisard” and mainly composed of limestone gravels, it is why the terroir of Mazoyeres is so different of Charmes.


Laroze de Drouhin produces only two barrels of Mazoyères Chambertin, so the vinification has to be very precise to keep the characteristics of the appellation, with an ageing only in new oak barrels.

Appellation's characteristics

Mazoyères Chambertin is an "impressive” wine, with red and dark pinot fruit aromas, it is more complex if less elegant than Charmes. This wine proposes an excellent power and a robust persistent finish.
Twelve to fifteen years should see this at its best.
Advice for tasting: 15 to 16 °C

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