About the Climate 2002

Key dates:


Budbreak: 06 April

Flowering: 06 June

Cluster thinning: 08 July

Veraison: 25 July

Harvesting: 18 September





2002 began with a very cold spell in January.


The heat this spring was unprecedented, with temperatures close to those of the best days of summer. Budbreak was consequently much earlier than it had been in 2001 and conditions were excellent during flowering, at the beginning of June. This period was followed by a return to cool weather in June, which led us to expect poor fruit set  - fruit abortion (coulure) and mixed berry size (millerandage) - on certain vines having flowered at the end of the period.


The summer was similar to that of 2001, with alternating spells of hot and cool weather, although not to the same extremes.


The grape clusters were thinned in July. As a result of ‘millerandage' and ‘coulure', we simply had to remove tangled grapes to promote cluster aeration and prevent the development of grey rot. This operation was combined with


leaf removal.

The accumulated advance of the beginning of the year was reflected at the beginning of veraison, which started in early August. Weather being what it is however, August was not as hot as we had hoped, which held up veraison, a phenomenon that was accentuated by a severe lack of water.

The beginning of September was identical to August and we therefore lost all the benefits of earlier rapid growth.

The predicted early harvest date seemed to be compromised. Fortunately, a strong north wind and very fine weather in the second week of September negated our misgivings by accelerating grape maturity in an amazing manner.


 Picking began on 18 September with very fine, warm and dry weather, apart from a fairly heavy storm over Gevrey-Chambertin on the evening of the second day, which incidentally had no effect on the quality or condition of the grapes.

Natural potential alcohol levels were phenomenal and, after only a few days in the vat, it appeared that we were heading for a sensational vintage.


Devatting has confirmed our earlier impressions. We are now in the presence of wines with remarkable colour intensity; wines that are very tannic with a powerful structure, which


leads us to predict a superb vintage with excellent potential for ageing.




Philippe Drouhin

November 2002