About the Climate 2015

Annual climate references

Budburst:  15 Avril

Flowering :  07 Juin

Harvest : 03 Septembre


Autumn and winter

As in the previous year, the autumn of 2014 was marked by excessive rain, mainly in October and November. Winter, on the other hand, remained within the norms, with a slight tendency to dryness. The first significant frost did not bite until the end of December.


As early as March, the drought set in and only increased in intensity until July. The deficit in rainfall, of around 9% in March, reached 33% in July. The situation was nonetheless mixed, depending on the sector.


In July, a heatwave affected the whole of the vineyard and the rainfall deficit intensified: from - 49% to - 89% for that month alone. August once again showed disparities, with some areas amply watered. For the latter, the rain had only a small effect on the harvest. The conditions were magnificent at the beginning of September, inciting many vineyards to start harvesting.

From September 12, a change in the weather brought significant amounts of rain, which lasted for about ten days. In the end, for September we noted an excess of rainfall of from + 64% to + 115%.

In other words, a deficit of sunshine of 130 hours at the end of winter 2014-2015, which was finally offset by an excess of 147 hours on the 2015 production run.

Growing cycle and vine development

With an autumn and winter equivalent to 2013-2014, we would not have been surprised by an early start to the growing season. But due to the cold end of winter, the start of the growing cycle was in line with an average year. It was not until mid-April that the green tip stage predominated. The summer-like temperatures allowed the growth to progress significantly.

In May, the still summery temperatures encouraged swift progress through the stages of vine growth and by the end of May, budburst occurred and the first flowers were visible. The blooming of the flowers was lighting fast. At that moment, 2015 joined the trio of the earliest flowering years, with 2011, 2007 and 2003. In July, the extreme heat blocked the ripening of the fruit, and water was severely lacking. Fortunately, the rain that fell on August 1st and 2nd released the ripening process, leading to a rapid development of the fruit.

Harvest 2015

After much hesitation about the best choice of date, the harvest began at the vineyard on Thursday September 3, when the weather was warm and sunny. Given the conditions in 2015, the grapes were of exceptional quality, and we would have to reach far back in everyone's memory to find similar perfection: handsome, firm grapes, perfectly healthy, optimum ripeness, potential alcohol content rarely found in our northern, climes...

Nonetheless, although the vintage promises to be exceptional, despite an apparent facility the winemaking required particular attention to strike a compromise between structure and finesse. The winemaking process is never straightforward and always requires daily monitoring of the vats, as well as regular tasting of the musts and then of the wines.

Considering the wine we put into the casks, we seem to be in possession of a magnificent vintage, whose unique characteristics will improve during the ageing process.

2015 will probably be comparable to some of the greatest vintages.

Notes from the first tasting 

Like all vintages from warm years, the 2015 vintages have notes of ripe fruit and powerful tannins. A subtle degree of acidity sustains the freshness on the palate.

This is not a vintage that will reveal its personality immediately but will most certainly be eminently satisfying to the more patient.