Vintage 2020


Beginning of the bud burst: April 1st, end of the winter rest in the vineyards

Flowering: from the 23rd to the 31st of May

Harvesting: from the 26th to the 5th of october


Autumn-Winter 2019/2020:

"Mild" was the key word for this autumn/winter as 2019/2020 became, like last year, the warmest winter of the past 25 years with an average temperature 1.3 degrees Celsius higher than normal! Only 7 days were subjected to negative temperatures with the lowest being -4.8°C. However, this year differentiated itself from 2019 with a satisfactory water fall for the start of the campaign.

Season 2020:

From the end of February, the vineyards showed the beginnings of a resumption of activity. However, it was necessary to wait until mid-March for the real start of activity, which resembled that of 2017, a benchmark year in terms of precocity.

Harvest 2020:

The harvesting began the 26th of August during a period full of constraints aiming to diminish the spread of COVID 19. Despite it all, the Domaine's faithful team of harvesters enjoyed the warm summer conditions during the entire harvest. The year boasted an exceptional quality; however, the volume was quite low, 20 to 45 % less than the harvest in 2019 - a vintage already limited in volume. Several reasons explain this lack of volume: firstly, a coulure, or failure of the fruit to set, occurred during a cold spell from the 11th to the 16th of May in the pre-flowering period, but also numerous heat waves brought about a phenomenon which caused the juice to evaporate from the interior of the grapes.


A low yield, which associated with a millerandage structure and concentrated grapes, promises a potential of exceptional quality! But this quality was not earned without a fight, because like in 2018 and 2019, the winemaker had to be extremely vigilant as the grapes came in due to the warm August weather. Meticulous work allowed this magnificent harvest to be vatted in optimal conditions for a serene maceration and harvest work.  

As for the color and the tannins, the extraction occurred in a certain fluidity, not surprising considering the relation between the skin and the juice.

Tasting notes :

The 1st of October 2021:

As we are writing these words, the malolactic fermentation is finished, and the wines are ageing peacefully in the oak barrels in our cellars for 1 year already.

The first cask tastings revealed an exceptional density and richness for this 2020 vintage. With a velvety and powerful structure, a light freshness emerges, which will remain discreetly throughout the tasting. During the cask tastings, the wines were gourmet and powerful, accompanied by notes of spices, pastry fragrances, and a harmonious array of black berries.

We are looking forward to experiencing the definitive result of this sunny and exceptionally precocious year once we will proceed to the bottling in February 2022! Drouhin Family