About the Climate 2019

Annual Climatic Landmarks

Bud burst: mid-April

Flowering: from the 10th of June to the 20th of June

Beginning of harvest: the 13th of September

End of harvest: the 22nd of September

2018/2019 Fall-Winter

An Autumn synonymous with mildness and high temperatures: They would be on average 2.7° higher than normal. The 2018/2019 Autumn-Winter distinguished itself as being the hottest in the last 25 years. Frost would not be a part of the inclement weather during this period; only a few instances of extreme cold would be recorded in January, which experienced about 10 days of temperatures in the negatives (-4.8°C).

2019 Season

The vines showed the first signs of activity in the second half of February. Thankfully, the cool temperatures helped avoid an exceedingly early budding. 

But the month of April began with mild temperatures that accelerated progressively.   This was suitable ground for the start of budding that would take place a fortnight later, around mid-April. Globally along the côte, the vineyards were not at the same rhythm of bud bursts as you could find anything from a green tip to a spreading leaf.

Unfortunately, the frost did not spare the month of April that experienced two episodes, of which one was particularly destructive on April 5th. Its impact was different depending upon the parcels, because of the irregularity of bud bursts and the consequences on the development of inflorescences.

The end of the month of April was best described as mild and thus allowed an accelerated growth.

The return of low temperatures in the beginning of May once again paralyzed the vineyards. It was only around the 15th of May that we could see an evolution. Suddenly, the growth became highly active and the flowering began in the advanced parcels.

The full flower was initially attained on the parcels of Chardonnay on the 10th of June. In comparison, the Pinot Noirs were only beginning their flowering, which ended on the 20Th of June. The high temperatures of the end of the month of June undeniably accelerated the growth process, but also the size of the berries. 

2019 Harvest

The sunshine warmed the backs of the pickers during the 2019 harvest, which occurred in dry and warm conditions starting on the 13th of September 2019. The sanitary state and the quality of this harvest were exceptional, as were the potential natural degrees, varying from 13.5° to more than 14.5°. A quality that could make up for the loss quantity because the yields of hectoliter per hectare were low with a deficit ranging from 20% to 45%.

This hot harvest required the wine makers to repeat the combat led in 2018:   that against the calories, to vat this magnificent harvest in the most optimal conditions for the maceration and to create serein harvest working conditions. For the color and for the tannins, the extractions occurred easily, which was not surprising considering the ratios of skin / juice. A particularly careful attention was paid to the start of the fermentation: we could not neglect the risks linked to this process considering the level of natural sugars present in this harvest. Like each year, it was essential to monitor with great care each step of the wine making process, and notably watching over the finish of the alcoholic fermentation of each cuvée. 

Tasting Notes

As we are writing these words, the malolactic fermentation is finished, and the wines are peacefully ageing within the oak casks in our cellars for 8 months already. In terms of the tastings from the casks, it appears that low yields rhyme again with excellent quality.

A great vintage in perspective that will certainly confirm its qualities throughout its 18 months of ageing in the casks.